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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How is HIV transmitted

Do you know how HIV is transmitted? It is extremely important to know more about HIV transmission. The only way to prevent any disease is to know its causes. Prevention is the best way to fight HIV, since we still do not have the cure for this disease.

HIV is transmitted through body fluids, meaning blood, too. During the sexual intercourse, body fluids are secreted. If a person has an unprotected sexual intercourse, exchange of fluids will take place and the chances to get HIV will be extremely high. HIV can be transmitted through infected blood, so drug users are at risk. They often exchange needles and use non-sterile items. This makes them prone to this infection.

Mother-to-child transmission is also possible. However, if a pregnant woman knows she is infected with HIV, medical care and treatment with antiretroviral medications will help her in protecting her unborn child from HIV.


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