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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Signs and symptoms of HIV AIDS

Symptoms of HIV AIDS infection

At the very beginning, many people do not notice symptoms of this particular condition, when infected with the virus HIV. It often takes a certain time first symptoms for to appear. It depends the most depends on the individual person who is infected and has symptoms of initial HIV virus.

It is common for most of patients to develop symptoms in more than six months. It leads to symptoms such as severe headaches, fever and major pain stomach. These symptoms most often occur the first month and then disappear, and usually followed by sudden weight loss. Even more frequent ones symptoms of AIDS are sweat over night, sudden increase of body temperature, strong and dry cough, intense fatigue, which leads for person to feel exhausted and weak, diarrhea that lasts longer time, strong pneumonia, the tongue gets red. If it spreads too much the immune system weakens and doesn't have needed strength to fight HIV virus. This mainly happens because of next three reasons. Tissue becomes more damaged and as long fought with this virus.

HIV more and more mutating and becoming more pathogenic and becomes very strong and leads to a rapid increase in infection.Them body no longer able to maintain its balance of cells that were mostly destroyed and their number is more and more in slow.Clinical many symptoms of HIV can occur in an average of 6 to 10 years, sometimes longer, and know that these simptoms.There appear in the rare cases when once there and other sexually transmitted diseases may appear after a few months, which leads symptoms to increase gland in organism.This the gland in the neck and armpits, and this condition can last for several months and then the side symptoms that lead to that patient suddenly begins to lose its weight.Care body temperature was increased and long time is high.Then causes the patient has stomach problems a long time, sometimes a month is continuous.Then herpes that appear on the lips of the affected their genitals and that last a long time.

All of this happens by a rule that leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells.Changes then appears on the nervous system and central nervous system,which then usually lead to very serious disorder patient who loses orientation in space and time that can not recognize the environment and its the most near.

In this cycle, known to occur in addition to skin tumors that can affect patient and internal bodies.Only often occur in the brain affected by the virus which is most often the case that these infections can cause death.HIV virus does not kill infected that the infection of this virus.This ill attack his immune system which leads to the fact that his body is unable to cope with this virus.

The main symptoms of HIV AIDS

Symptoms of HIV that occur and the initial phase of the disease AIDS carries with it a few symptoms:

-lack of energy and great exhaustion
-sudden weight loss in the diseased
-very sweating in a dream large
-Temperature is a constant
-a skin rash, which leads to peeling of the skin
-current loss of memory in time and space
-the genitals are suddenly appearing ulcers

These are the symptoms of AIDS, which appear in early HIV
Later AIDS symptoms that occur after a certain perio of time when severe infection occurs in HIV-AIDS, these diseases:

-painful and difficulty swallowing and short breath
-strong cough and headache
-light and transmitted the infection to other patients
-patient confusion and lost navigation
-strong cramps that cause frequent diarrhea drastically reduced-form
-fever, which causes dizziness Large
-occurrence of white spots in mouth and paleness language
-loss of appetite
-body bruises and redness on the skin
-Cervical cancer if the infection is present HIV
-brain tumor

If you notice one of these symptoms do not be afraid because all these stated simptoms AIDS may occur as a result of some other infection.If you are currently going on some of these symptoms is not cause for fear, but visit your doctor and you may discover that it is a only cold and you do not need to worry about HIV symptoms.

Initial symptoms of HIV AIDS

The entry of HIV virus in the organism does not cause visible changes in a small number of cases going to be infected are ill for several weeks from this disease not be detected in person.In this period by a rule can not be proven antibody protein tread viruses that are very specific for HIV and that may prove generally after 5 weeks of the first infection in this virus.Them this period called a period windows.Them infection is present and can be transferred to other persons but does not reveal test.Strong rare in this period comes to acute brain disease or sudden inflammation of the liver.

Symptoms of HIV AIDS in mothers

Pregnant women is infected with HIV can transmit their infection to their child is still not born with the help of placenta,or most often during the delivery.Them increase the risk for birth occurs due to contact with bloods.Mother should not breastfeed your child if you have symptoms HIV disease because in this way can transmit the infection to the mother AIDS.

Stop transfer their child while pregnant today small.Eat is possible if you detect early symptoms of HIV, and if you start with therapy or drugs that are against HIV virus and treatment with such therapy and Caesarean childbirth there is little chance to transmit the virus to the pregnant child who has yet to be nature.

In some developed countries to carry out before the birth of several studies of this research pregnant.Thanks mother who carries the HIV virus symptoms today can be born healthy children.Virus HIV infects the central nervous system causing severe brain disorders in children are sick and unfortunately faced with other health problems that show last doctors.Childrens research that is infected during childbirth or pregnancy, unfortunately half of them there the possibility that in the first year of life infection this disease lose their life.

Tests in the world is strictly confidential and if you discover that the mother carries the child in the stomach infected with HIV can prevent transmission of the disease.

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS

What is difference between HIV and AIDS virus?

The Difference between HIV and AIDS virus is that if a person infected with the virus it is infected and HIV is positive.If you would not be confusion here we talk about HIV and AIDS virus because usually writes the same everywhere,and these two things are not nearly all.The person who is infected with HIV,it is not a sign that a person has AIDS.Person that is infected can look completely natural and does not show signs disease.Disease AIDS can take a long period of one to ten years.In that period when the persons infected with it can act normal and not show any symptoms of the suffering of these infection.

Capable for normal life and any other activity as normal and healthy person.There is big Difference between HIV and AIDS virus among viruses.If the person to HIV infection will mean that the suffering of AIDS virus.Person will get sick from the AIDS virus only when the HIV virus caused serious damage to the organism and then the body is unable to protect and comes to large infection in the body.When the body is infected by this virus then the number limocit in the body decreases with ordinary 1000ml in about 300ml of blood that causes the infection is profoundly affected the blood cells in organisms.This two types of virus are linked but quite different things.

AIDS infection is the last pillar of HIV and can be defined as a set of infection and symptoms as a result can bring great loss and great destruction of the immune system in organisms.Then the body loses the ability to body elections than any other infections and diseases that can attack organism.How to time passes and the body is more and more infected it causes the organism no longer able to defend themselves from HIV infection.

Since the AIDS virus can fall ill any person regardless of how many years.HIV virus is very small, so small that you can not see it either with the naked eye nor microskopes.I you be developed on this virus has to penetrate and affect and infect the body cells.Each person who is infected with this infection is a potential carrier of the blood infection.If you have enough virus to be transferred this infection.Also,this virus can be transmitted and with the help of sperm and with the help of vaginal secret.There is very small chance that a person infected with AIDS virus passed to you this virus with the help of sweat and saliva.

HIV is the virus that can infect people and spread it to other people.HIV virus is most present in more sexual fluids and blood of infected pepole.This virus can reside in the mother's milk that has baby.Sexual can be transmitted through HIV If you are not protected during employment.The that all AIDS organizations recommend and encourage all people to use during sex protect.If you avoid that the virus infects the most secure way to protect from this virus is to use kondo.Second way to infect HIV is that if you cut the infected person touches you with his blood, then you can be HIV infection virus.This species are most often occurs when a person is infected with HIV using a needle that is used by a person who is already infected and has symptoms HIV virus.It is possible that mother pass HIV symptoms to their unborn child while still in the stomach, but this type of infection can be prevented if the infection is discovered in time, at the very beginning of pregnancy.This was briefly the difference between HIV and AIDS virus.

What are the chances of getting HIV virus

Chances of getting HIV

Remember when you had the common cold and the people around you, you did not want to approach too close to them would not be infected with this virus.As with the common cold and similar to the AIDS virus, but you will not be infected in this way as is possible with the common cold.

HIV virus is in the blood of people who are infected but also in body fluids such as semen and vaginal secretions.Chances for obtaininig HIV virus and that it is not in the body fluids are very small because the HIV virus can not survive outside the body.To a person infected by the virus it must transfer an amount of fluid.

Better chance of getting HIV

Unprotected sexual intercourse with a person who carries the HIV virus and the symptoms of which is already a period of time with HIV.

Using the needle, which is already used by an infected person and that you use.

These are more likely Featured for obtaining HIV and most of them are more people infected by this virus when there is.

Virus is present in all other fluids stored in the body of the above but only in these three fluids have the strength to pass the infection to another person.

HIV can get in the following ways

By vaginal

HIV exists in fluids infected person.For men it is in the fluids of the penis during and after intercourse.For women this means that HIV moves in fluids produced by the vagina during and after sexual intercourse with a partner.If the man who brings HIV has relations with his wife without protection, infected tecost exceed directly into the bloodstream and infect women is HIV.This virus is not visible to the naked eye and the infected person will not even know or feel that she is infected. Almost certain is that if intercourse lasts longer without satite infection is almost certain. Also, if a woman is infected with HIV and has relations with a man without the protection of this virus can cross the blood men through small openings in men.This is the man at the entrance way for HIV. If partners have any contact with blood, then it is almost certain that will infect each other if one person is infected and do not use protection.

Oral via

Exercise oral intercourse with an infected person carries a large dose risk.Be careful

Anal through

If people practice anal sex ratio there is higher risk of infection than through vaginal or oral means. For anal sex, there are special condoms to protect you in time.It is a great possibility that if the virus infects HIV share the same needle with infected from this virus. So never share the same accessories for hygiene or treatment.

Blood transfusion or by receiving bodies

If you receive through the artificial blood in your body to have enough quantity, this happens when a person has a large blood loss, such as serious injuries and lost a lot of blood from his body.If you give a person's blood is infected with HIV it will transfer you safely and infect you with HIV. Also, if you get a body that doctors will put in your body of another person if the person who supplied the infected body you sure she will transmit HIV virus.This rarely happens today because the controls are large and rarely can become infected in this way. Before the birth of the child infected mother can transmit the infection to their child.Also, the HIV virus can be transmitted and when a mother breastfeeding her child.However today this type of infection in a very small level, because if the basic checkups during pregnancy reveal that the mother infected with HIV can be prevented that this virus does not transmit to his still not born child, if detected in time.

HIV infection tattooing

If the equipment used for tattooing, but the HIV infected person and if you tattoo is a strong possibility that you will be caught by this virus.
These are often the most chances to get HIV if someone told you that you can get HIV through a cutlery or kiss it is absolutely false and a point.

History of HIV AIDS virus

Scientists gathered in the United State in America to conduct research where HIV first appeared virus.Proven to history HIV virus originates from Africa between 1880 and 1923 years.Research was found that the chimpanzee droppings with HIV told the man.This type of infection occurred in the northern part of Cameroon around 1910 years.This infection spread among the local population and the epidemic has received the most bigger shape when she came to the state Kinsasa.Come from this city and the two most senior of the sample,which carries virus.

First HIV is found in the blood of a man in 1960 and the second is found in immune cells at the end of 1961 women yers.1980 years death from this deadly infection that mainly appeared in patients who were on the transplantation of an organ in order to continue his life with the help of someone else organs.This virus began to occur in people from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Filadelfia.

1983 years found the first infection of this virus in patients with lack of immune sistems.First since most better doctor Luc Montagnier was able to isolate this virus in the body men.For this historic discovery of this internationally recognized experts and scientists in 2008 he received the Nobel Prize for Medicine and filozofly.

Several group of scientists was assembled in America for research, where the virus are people with AIDS and people who have been in contact with patients were isolated in 1985 in order to be studied this virus.All scientists who worked on this study were in fact revealed the same virus that is now known worldwide as the AIDS.Previously infection usually get those people with a very damaged and weak immune systems.Time such cases have become more frequent and then appeared that the cases of the virus become infected persons who have a problem with blood clotting, and because of this infection were primoreni to receive blood by transfusions,people who had a sexual relationship with a person ill from the virus and in infants who were infected by their mather.

Virus AIDS in 1984 has become an epidemic throughout the world and is known as one of the most dangerous viruses that are ever struck a man in his history.1984 years after the assessment of research "ZCO" has proven to the world there are over 30 million infected by the disease AIDS.In period from 1995 until now found even 90 percent of new cases who were mainly from developing countries which leads to the conclusion that the AIDS virus is spreading more and more from year to years.In these countries, AIDS is a disease transmitted through sexual equal and men and zena.Featured more patients will be registered when they happen to the large immigration population large city.In addition the virus spread at high speed in cities with large visits tourists.

In large cases are suffering from the AIDS virus drug addicts.Chuck 52 percent of cases were reported in people who use drogs.In else suffering from AIDS virus are men who are infected by this virus sexual thorugh.Percentages, this number is 24 percent of which were infected by a virus and is the second places.Person that were infected tranfuzijom occupy third place with 17 percent of the number persent.To were mainly people who had to receive an organ or blood from other people and have earned this virus.1994 is less and less likely to get through this because the AIDS virus control increased during blood transfusion or donations organisms.

However a problem that represents doctors and scientists is that this can happen to the blood does not show positive results in blood during the examination of blood but blood is still infected with HIV virus.First problem of false findings is that as blood levels are not yet able to develop antibodies to the virus and is entering the test HIV falsely reports.In doctors appears and groups in which several people infected HIV without distinguishing risk and who do not belong to any group patients.This number today is 8 percent of the total number of patients from this number today virus.Unfortunately today this group is growing significantly because ill do not want to admit the way they got the infection of shame in society and family.All this can be concluded that the awareness of people who undertake risky behavior is a major factor in the viral infection.

.In this division of the infected different groups has led to these results, because among sexually active men formed a position "I will I never have HIV/AIDS virus"

What are the early symptoms of HIV infection

Early symptoms of HIV virus in the first phase

Early symptoms of HIV can vary from person to person.If you HIV infections occur in the body of diseased persons only can detect the virus if they test HIV virus.HIV main symptoms occur relatively quickly after just a month from the date when you are infected with this virus.Them begins the first phase of this infection.If you any virus enters the body through a diseased person,it may be done with the help of needles,through sexual or through infected blood, then the virus spread in the body and multiply and attack certain cells.

This virus mainly attacks the first immune system cells called lymphocytes, while cells of the nervous system of this virus attacks slow.Early symptoms HIV can be detected after the test that will show whether a person is infected with HIV virus.Later something more than a month of primary infection may be developed acute anchor that as a consequence can bring a high fever, strong pain in the bones and muscles, often vomiting and other Early symptoms of HIV.This is first phase of HIV infection that often occurs in diseased individuals.

Early symptoms of HIV virus in the second phase

The second phase showing Early symptoms of HIV is usually called the latent period that can last up to 15 years.Then period is a period that does not show any symptoms of illness, and HIV can be identified either by accident, examination of blood on primary control the patient wants to done or when a person wants to go to a blood transfusion or who wishes to request from some of their reasons, seeking review of blood.In this stage of genes that carry these viruses have been spread on the cells of the immune system in diseased people but not produce viral proteins and tham in this way avoid the immune response in patient.Time number of lymphocytes or known in the world of medicine as a type of white blood cells, drastic decline and this leads to the consequences of different mechanisms that occur in people suffering as a result of the most virus.

One of major symptoms and is immune system fight the ill person who tries to prevent and to isolate the virus destroys its own cells that were first infected with HIV virus.As result of this cycle is that the body loses its immune disorder sistems.Only important for the organism is definitely the number of lymphocytes in the body which has only 20 percent of normal amounts of it as a result brings to HIV infected person comes into its third phase of the disease known as phase manifestation of the disease AIDS.

Early symptoms of HIV in the third phase

The third phase of HIV symptoms begins prodromalnim syndrome as a feature that brings increased and constant temperature, vomiting during sleep, sudden weight loss, stools, vrtoglavost, headache and all these HIV Early symptoms in the third phase can last more than 4 months.Early symptoms of AIDS are unlike other initial phase is not characteristic for the first two stages can usually run from a simple infection or flu virus called AIDS related complex.

One represent opotunisticke after infection by frequent loss of immune cells in the body brings "mairor ARC" infection immune cells.If these infections are viral and includes a fungal infection that is in ill persons with a normal functioning immune system is no occurs.And when they occur are usually mild and go quickly.Them expressed the disease begins in most cases glivic languages and skin diseases in sick people, to spread high in the diseased lung infections that can lead to lung tuberculosis of the nervous system, several forms of inflammation of the brain and brain cells in the brain and visual nerves, digestive system, a fungal inflammatory language and mouth, frequent diarrhea, strong pain in the stomach and inflammation liver.

All the above diseases may not be directly caused by HIV, but can represent a great debilitation of the immune system functions, the result is a consequence of HIV virus attacks the immune system by the patient.In average, and so far tests and study period may take about 2 years.

In some periods of acute illness senses, mobility and digestive organs can be slow.Body is significantly weakened and the person is without strong.If you unfortunately the mortality rate in these cases is not large and not.

There are several factors that have defined the life of this infection.Like as early detection of this virus in your body, the early start of treatment and protection of the immune system of the Early symptoms of HIV, regular treatment and therapy.