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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What are the early symptoms of HIV infection

Early symptoms of HIV virus in the first phase

Early symptoms of HIV can vary from person to person.If you HIV infections occur in the body of diseased persons only can detect the virus if they test HIV virus.HIV main symptoms occur relatively quickly after just a month from the date when you are infected with this virus.Them begins the first phase of this infection.If you any virus enters the body through a diseased person,it may be done with the help of needles,through sexual or through infected blood, then the virus spread in the body and multiply and attack certain cells.

This virus mainly attacks the first immune system cells called lymphocytes, while cells of the nervous system of this virus attacks slow.Early symptoms HIV can be detected after the test that will show whether a person is infected with HIV virus.Later something more than a month of primary infection may be developed acute anchor that as a consequence can bring a high fever, strong pain in the bones and muscles, often vomiting and other Early symptoms of HIV.This is first phase of HIV infection that often occurs in diseased individuals.

Early symptoms of HIV virus in the second phase

The second phase showing Early symptoms of HIV is usually called the latent period that can last up to 15 years.Then period is a period that does not show any symptoms of illness, and HIV can be identified either by accident, examination of blood on primary control the patient wants to done or when a person wants to go to a blood transfusion or who wishes to request from some of their reasons, seeking review of blood.In this stage of genes that carry these viruses have been spread on the cells of the immune system in diseased people but not produce viral proteins and tham in this way avoid the immune response in patient.Time number of lymphocytes or known in the world of medicine as a type of white blood cells, drastic decline and this leads to the consequences of different mechanisms that occur in people suffering as a result of the most virus.

One of major symptoms and is immune system fight the ill person who tries to prevent and to isolate the virus destroys its own cells that were first infected with HIV virus.As result of this cycle is that the body loses its immune disorder sistems.Only important for the organism is definitely the number of lymphocytes in the body which has only 20 percent of normal amounts of it as a result brings to HIV infected person comes into its third phase of the disease known as phase manifestation of the disease AIDS.

Early symptoms of HIV in the third phase

The third phase of HIV symptoms begins prodromalnim syndrome as a feature that brings increased and constant temperature, vomiting during sleep, sudden weight loss, stools, vrtoglavost, headache and all these HIV Early symptoms in the third phase can last more than 4 months.Early symptoms of AIDS are unlike other initial phase is not characteristic for the first two stages can usually run from a simple infection or flu virus called AIDS related complex.

One represent opotunisticke after infection by frequent loss of immune cells in the body brings "mairor ARC" infection immune cells.If these infections are viral and includes a fungal infection that is in ill persons with a normal functioning immune system is no occurs.And when they occur are usually mild and go quickly.Them expressed the disease begins in most cases glivic languages and skin diseases in sick people, to spread high in the diseased lung infections that can lead to lung tuberculosis of the nervous system, several forms of inflammation of the brain and brain cells in the brain and visual nerves, digestive system, a fungal inflammatory language and mouth, frequent diarrhea, strong pain in the stomach and inflammation liver.

All the above diseases may not be directly caused by HIV, but can represent a great debilitation of the immune system functions, the result is a consequence of HIV virus attacks the immune system by the patient.In average, and so far tests and study period may take about 2 years.

In some periods of acute illness senses, mobility and digestive organs can be slow.Body is significantly weakened and the person is without strong.If you unfortunately the mortality rate in these cases is not large and not.

There are several factors that have defined the life of this infection.Like as early detection of this virus in your body, the early start of treatment and protection of the immune system of the Early symptoms of HIV, regular treatment and therapy.


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