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Sunday, November 15, 2009

History of HIV AIDS virus

Scientists gathered in the United State in America to conduct research where HIV first appeared virus.Proven to history HIV virus originates from Africa between 1880 and 1923 years.Research was found that the chimpanzee droppings with HIV told the man.This type of infection occurred in the northern part of Cameroon around 1910 years.This infection spread among the local population and the epidemic has received the most bigger shape when she came to the state Kinsasa.Come from this city and the two most senior of the sample,which carries virus.

First HIV is found in the blood of a man in 1960 and the second is found in immune cells at the end of 1961 women yers.1980 years death from this deadly infection that mainly appeared in patients who were on the transplantation of an organ in order to continue his life with the help of someone else organs.This virus began to occur in people from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Filadelfia.

1983 years found the first infection of this virus in patients with lack of immune sistems.First since most better doctor Luc Montagnier was able to isolate this virus in the body men.For this historic discovery of this internationally recognized experts and scientists in 2008 he received the Nobel Prize for Medicine and filozofly.

Several group of scientists was assembled in America for research, where the virus are people with AIDS and people who have been in contact with patients were isolated in 1985 in order to be studied this virus.All scientists who worked on this study were in fact revealed the same virus that is now known worldwide as the AIDS.Previously infection usually get those people with a very damaged and weak immune systems.Time such cases have become more frequent and then appeared that the cases of the virus become infected persons who have a problem with blood clotting, and because of this infection were primoreni to receive blood by transfusions,people who had a sexual relationship with a person ill from the virus and in infants who were infected by their mather.

Virus AIDS in 1984 has become an epidemic throughout the world and is known as one of the most dangerous viruses that are ever struck a man in his history.1984 years after the assessment of research "ZCO" has proven to the world there are over 30 million infected by the disease AIDS.In period from 1995 until now found even 90 percent of new cases who were mainly from developing countries which leads to the conclusion that the AIDS virus is spreading more and more from year to years.In these countries, AIDS is a disease transmitted through sexual equal and men and zena.Featured more patients will be registered when they happen to the large immigration population large city.In addition the virus spread at high speed in cities with large visits tourists.

In large cases are suffering from the AIDS virus drug addicts.Chuck 52 percent of cases were reported in people who use drogs.In else suffering from AIDS virus are men who are infected by this virus sexual thorugh.Percentages, this number is 24 percent of which were infected by a virus and is the second places.Person that were infected tranfuzijom occupy third place with 17 percent of the number persent.To were mainly people who had to receive an organ or blood from other people and have earned this virus.1994 is less and less likely to get through this because the AIDS virus control increased during blood transfusion or donations organisms.

However a problem that represents doctors and scientists is that this can happen to the blood does not show positive results in blood during the examination of blood but blood is still infected with HIV virus.First problem of false findings is that as blood levels are not yet able to develop antibodies to the virus and is entering the test HIV falsely reports.In doctors appears and groups in which several people infected HIV without distinguishing risk and who do not belong to any group patients.This number today is 8 percent of the total number of patients from this number today virus.Unfortunately today this group is growing significantly because ill do not want to admit the way they got the infection of shame in society and family.All this can be concluded that the awareness of people who undertake risky behavior is a major factor in the viral infection.

.In this division of the infected different groups has led to these results, because among sexually active men formed a position "I will I never have HIV/AIDS virus"


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