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Sunday, February 28, 2010

HIV AIDS among women statistics

HIV and AIDS virus is spreading every year more and more and statistics show for sure that number of infected persons is constantly increasing. It is a fact that women are more vulnerable, still men and women can be both potential carriers and have the same chances to spread the disease. In the United States of America more men than women who have HIV and AIDS infection as they showed some statistics that were done in the past 2009 years.

Currently in North America live more than 36 thousand women who suffer from this infection, but these are only recorded case, knowing the exact number can is giving totally different picture to this topic.

Statistics shows that every 15 seconds a person gets infected by HIV and every 34 seconds a women does.

Unfortunately 2750 women each year lose their lives from this dangerous and difficult condition.

Every day 6900 people get infected by HIV infection. 3300 out of that number are were women.

These statistics lead to the fact that both women and men today are threatened and that this virus does not choose whose body to sacrifice. Statistics show that each year the number infection is constantly increasing.

Facts should inspire everyone to be careful and cautious because many people lost their lives from this dangerous and very serious illness, for which today confident drug or cure was found.


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