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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is There a Cure for AIDS

Is there a cure for AIDS today?

Unfortunately, we still don't have a cure for AIDS. However, there are different kinds of medications that have proven effective in treating HIV and relieving the symptoms. These medications are called antiretroviral medications and they can successfully prevent further spreading of HIV inside the body. However, this kind of treatment is only possible if HIV is diagnosed early. Thanks to these medications, people who are HIV positive can live with this virus for decades without major health complications.

Testing for HIV is extremely important. As we said, early diagnose is the most important thing for treating HIV successfully. Antiretroviral medications are available worldwide and they are effective in preventing mother-to-child transmission. This is a huge progress, since this treatment helps HIV positive women to have healthy children.

People with HIV can live for several years without any symptoms. However, if left untreated, HIV will develop into AIDS, which is the final stage of this infections and it is lethal. That is why everyone should test and get professional care in time.


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