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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What does AIDS look like

Many young people are still wondering: what do AIDS symptoms look like ? This is important to know, because if you know the symptoms, you will go to your doctor and start the treatment in time. Young people should be well educated, because they usually do not pay enough attention when it comes to their sexual life. They should know more about prevention and symptoms of this disease. AIDS looks different from HIV infection. In fact, HIV and AIDS are not the same. HIV is a virus that leads to AIDS, which is a deadly disease. AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. A person who has this illness can experience some serious symptoms. People with AIDS can look really unhealthy and the symptoms can be difficult to deal with.

Immune system is crucial in fighting the virus. Patients who already have weakened immune system will probably have difficulties in fighting HIV. There are people who use certain medications that affect their immune system and this can lead to further problems. However, there are medications that can help in treating this illness.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. This phase can be very difficult and painful for the patient. Many opportunistic infections can occur, due to immune system failures. Pneumonia, herpes, HPV and fungal infections are some of the common opportunistic infections. This happens because the body is too weak to fight these infections. In some cases, these infections can be lethal, like pneumonia, for example. The only way to fight AIDS is early detection. If diagnosed in time, this illness can be kept under control, thanks to antiretroviral medications.


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