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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS

What is difference between HIV and AIDS virus?

The Difference between HIV and AIDS virus is that if a person infected with the virus it is infected and HIV is positive.If you would not be confusion here we talk about HIV and AIDS virus because usually writes the same everywhere,and these two things are not nearly all.The person who is infected with HIV,it is not a sign that a person has AIDS.Person that is infected can look completely natural and does not show signs disease.Disease AIDS can take a long period of one to ten years.In that period when the persons infected with it can act normal and not show any symptoms of the suffering of these infection.

Capable for normal life and any other activity as normal and healthy person.There is big Difference between HIV and AIDS virus among viruses.If the person to HIV infection will mean that the suffering of AIDS virus.Person will get sick from the AIDS virus only when the HIV virus caused serious damage to the organism and then the body is unable to protect and comes to large infection in the body.When the body is infected by this virus then the number limocit in the body decreases with ordinary 1000ml in about 300ml of blood that causes the infection is profoundly affected the blood cells in organisms.This two types of virus are linked but quite different things.

AIDS infection is the last pillar of HIV and can be defined as a set of infection and symptoms as a result can bring great loss and great destruction of the immune system in organisms.Then the body loses the ability to body elections than any other infections and diseases that can attack organism.How to time passes and the body is more and more infected it causes the organism no longer able to defend themselves from HIV infection.

Since the AIDS virus can fall ill any person regardless of how many years.HIV virus is very small, so small that you can not see it either with the naked eye nor microskopes.I you be developed on this virus has to penetrate and affect and infect the body cells.Each person who is infected with this infection is a potential carrier of the blood infection.If you have enough virus to be transferred this infection.Also,this virus can be transmitted and with the help of sperm and with the help of vaginal secret.There is very small chance that a person infected with AIDS virus passed to you this virus with the help of sweat and saliva.

HIV is the virus that can infect people and spread it to other people.HIV virus is most present in more sexual fluids and blood of infected pepole.This virus can reside in the mother's milk that has baby.Sexual can be transmitted through HIV If you are not protected during employment.The that all AIDS organizations recommend and encourage all people to use during sex protect.If you avoid that the virus infects the most secure way to protect from this virus is to use kondo.Second way to infect HIV is that if you cut the infected person touches you with his blood, then you can be HIV infection virus.This species are most often occurs when a person is infected with HIV using a needle that is used by a person who is already infected and has symptoms HIV virus.It is possible that mother pass HIV symptoms to their unborn child while still in the stomach, but this type of infection can be prevented if the infection is discovered in time, at the very beginning of pregnancy.This was briefly the difference between HIV and AIDS virus.


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