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Sunday, November 15, 2009

What are the chances of getting HIV virus

Chances of getting HIV

Remember when you had the common cold and the people around you, you did not want to approach too close to them would not be infected with this virus.As with the common cold and similar to the AIDS virus, but you will not be infected in this way as is possible with the common cold.

HIV virus is in the blood of people who are infected but also in body fluids such as semen and vaginal secretions.Chances for obtaininig HIV virus and that it is not in the body fluids are very small because the HIV virus can not survive outside the body.To a person infected by the virus it must transfer an amount of fluid.

Better chance of getting HIV

Unprotected sexual intercourse with a person who carries the HIV virus and the symptoms of which is already a period of time with HIV.

Using the needle, which is already used by an infected person and that you use.

These are more likely Featured for obtaining HIV and most of them are more people infected by this virus when there is.

Virus is present in all other fluids stored in the body of the above but only in these three fluids have the strength to pass the infection to another person.

HIV can get in the following ways

By vaginal

HIV exists in fluids infected person.For men it is in the fluids of the penis during and after intercourse.For women this means that HIV moves in fluids produced by the vagina during and after sexual intercourse with a partner.If the man who brings HIV has relations with his wife without protection, infected tecost exceed directly into the bloodstream and infect women is HIV.This virus is not visible to the naked eye and the infected person will not even know or feel that she is infected. Almost certain is that if intercourse lasts longer without satite infection is almost certain. Also, if a woman is infected with HIV and has relations with a man without the protection of this virus can cross the blood men through small openings in men.This is the man at the entrance way for HIV. If partners have any contact with blood, then it is almost certain that will infect each other if one person is infected and do not use protection.

Oral via

Exercise oral intercourse with an infected person carries a large dose risk.Be careful

Anal through

If people practice anal sex ratio there is higher risk of infection than through vaginal or oral means. For anal sex, there are special condoms to protect you in time.It is a great possibility that if the virus infects HIV share the same needle with infected from this virus. So never share the same accessories for hygiene or treatment.

Blood transfusion or by receiving bodies

If you receive through the artificial blood in your body to have enough quantity, this happens when a person has a large blood loss, such as serious injuries and lost a lot of blood from his body.If you give a person's blood is infected with HIV it will transfer you safely and infect you with HIV. Also, if you get a body that doctors will put in your body of another person if the person who supplied the infected body you sure she will transmit HIV virus.This rarely happens today because the controls are large and rarely can become infected in this way. Before the birth of the child infected mother can transmit the infection to their child.Also, the HIV virus can be transmitted and when a mother breastfeeding her child.However today this type of infection in a very small level, because if the basic checkups during pregnancy reveal that the mother infected with HIV can be prevented that this virus does not transmit to his still not born child, if detected in time.

HIV infection tattooing

If the equipment used for tattooing, but the HIV infected person and if you tattoo is a strong possibility that you will be caught by this virus.
These are often the most chances to get HIV if someone told you that you can get HIV through a cutlery or kiss it is absolutely false and a point.


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