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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Signs and symptoms of HIV AIDS

Symptoms of HIV AIDS infection

At the very beginning, many people do not notice symptoms of this particular condition, when infected with the virus HIV. It often takes a certain time first symptoms for to appear. It depends the most depends on the individual person who is infected and has symptoms of initial HIV virus.

It is common for most of patients to develop symptoms in more than six months. It leads to symptoms such as severe headaches, fever and major pain stomach. These symptoms most often occur the first month and then disappear, and usually followed by sudden weight loss. Even more frequent ones symptoms of AIDS are sweat over night, sudden increase of body temperature, strong and dry cough, intense fatigue, which leads for person to feel exhausted and weak, diarrhea that lasts longer time, strong pneumonia, the tongue gets red. If it spreads too much the immune system weakens and doesn't have needed strength to fight HIV virus. This mainly happens because of next three reasons. Tissue becomes more damaged and as long fought with this virus.

HIV more and more mutating and becoming more pathogenic and becomes very strong and leads to a rapid increase in infection.Them body no longer able to maintain its balance of cells that were mostly destroyed and their number is more and more in slow.Clinical many symptoms of HIV can occur in an average of 6 to 10 years, sometimes longer, and know that these simptoms.There appear in the rare cases when once there and other sexually transmitted diseases may appear after a few months, which leads symptoms to increase gland in organism.This the gland in the neck and armpits, and this condition can last for several months and then the side symptoms that lead to that patient suddenly begins to lose its weight.Care body temperature was increased and long time is high.Then causes the patient has stomach problems a long time, sometimes a month is continuous.Then herpes that appear on the lips of the affected their genitals and that last a long time.

All of this happens by a rule that leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells.Changes then appears on the nervous system and central nervous system,which then usually lead to very serious disorder patient who loses orientation in space and time that can not recognize the environment and its the most near.

In this cycle, known to occur in addition to skin tumors that can affect patient and internal bodies.Only often occur in the brain affected by the virus which is most often the case that these infections can cause death.HIV virus does not kill infected that the infection of this virus.This ill attack his immune system which leads to the fact that his body is unable to cope with this virus.

The main symptoms of HIV AIDS

Symptoms of HIV that occur and the initial phase of the disease AIDS carries with it a few symptoms:

-lack of energy and great exhaustion
-sudden weight loss in the diseased
-very sweating in a dream large
-Temperature is a constant
-a skin rash, which leads to peeling of the skin
-current loss of memory in time and space
-the genitals are suddenly appearing ulcers

These are the symptoms of AIDS, which appear in early HIV
Later AIDS symptoms that occur after a certain perio of time when severe infection occurs in HIV-AIDS, these diseases:

-painful and difficulty swallowing and short breath
-strong cough and headache
-light and transmitted the infection to other patients
-patient confusion and lost navigation
-strong cramps that cause frequent diarrhea drastically reduced-form
-fever, which causes dizziness Large
-occurrence of white spots in mouth and paleness language
-loss of appetite
-body bruises and redness on the skin
-Cervical cancer if the infection is present HIV
-brain tumor

If you notice one of these symptoms do not be afraid because all these stated simptoms AIDS may occur as a result of some other infection.If you are currently going on some of these symptoms is not cause for fear, but visit your doctor and you may discover that it is a only cold and you do not need to worry about HIV symptoms.

Initial symptoms of HIV AIDS

The entry of HIV virus in the organism does not cause visible changes in a small number of cases going to be infected are ill for several weeks from this disease not be detected in person.In this period by a rule can not be proven antibody protein tread viruses that are very specific for HIV and that may prove generally after 5 weeks of the first infection in this virus.Them this period called a period windows.Them infection is present and can be transferred to other persons but does not reveal test.Strong rare in this period comes to acute brain disease or sudden inflammation of the liver.

Symptoms of HIV AIDS in mothers

Pregnant women is infected with HIV can transmit their infection to their child is still not born with the help of placenta,or most often during the delivery.Them increase the risk for birth occurs due to contact with bloods.Mother should not breastfeed your child if you have symptoms HIV disease because in this way can transmit the infection to the mother AIDS.

Stop transfer their child while pregnant today small.Eat is possible if you detect early symptoms of HIV, and if you start with therapy or drugs that are against HIV virus and treatment with such therapy and Caesarean childbirth there is little chance to transmit the virus to the pregnant child who has yet to be nature.

In some developed countries to carry out before the birth of several studies of this research pregnant.Thanks mother who carries the HIV virus symptoms today can be born healthy children.Virus HIV infects the central nervous system causing severe brain disorders in children are sick and unfortunately faced with other health problems that show last doctors.Childrens research that is infected during childbirth or pregnancy, unfortunately half of them there the possibility that in the first year of life infection this disease lose their life.

Tests in the world is strictly confidential and if you discover that the mother carries the child in the stomach infected with HIV can prevent transmission of the disease.


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